Project 1062: Y. C. Ang, L. J. Wong, R. Meier. 2013. Using seemingly unnecessary illustrations to improve the diagnostic usefulness of descriptions in taxonomy–a case study on Perochaeta orientalis (Diptera, Sepsidae). Zookeys. 355:9-27.

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Perochaeta orientalis

Perochaeta orientalis (unvouchered)

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Video 1: Video montage for the various behaviours described. Section 1, Courtship: Male wing-flutter dance (00:07). Section 2, Approach and Mount: Failed attempt with female resistance, lateral view (00:15), Successful mount, dorsal view (00:29). Section 3, Copulation: M1 Male fore leg tap to female head (00:41), M2 Male rear leg rub (01:03), M3 Male rear- to mid-leg rub (01:10), M4 Male mid legs tap to female wing (01:18), M5 Male mid legs tap to female abdomen (01:29), F1 Female resistance (mid legs push) (01:39), F2 Female resistance ( rear leg push) (01:51), F3 Female grooming ( rear leg rub) (02:00), F4 Female grooming (fore leg-head rub) (02:06). Section 4, Separation (02:15)

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Video clips for mating behavior in Perochaeta orientalis in Journal Article

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