Project 731: H. N. Woodward, J. R. Horner, J. O. Farlow. 2014. Quantification of intraskeletal histovariability in Alligator mississippiensis and implications for vertebrate osteohistology. PeerJ. 2 (e422).

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Original filename: MOR-OST 1650 Osteoderm 2.tif

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Alligator mississippiensis

Alligator mississippiensis (MOR/OST:1650)

Osteoderm: transverse section, mid-keel

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Holly Woodward

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Holly Woodward / Museum of the Rockies

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The second of two osteoderms removed from captive-reared juvenile male American alligator. Scale bar = 1 mm

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December 7 2013 at 16:50:05

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