Project 1218: T. M. Cullen, D. C. Evans, M. J. Ryan, P. J. Currie, Y. Kobayashi. 2014. Osteohistological variation in growth marks and osteocyte lacunar density in a theropod dinosaur (Coelurosauria: Ornithomimidae). BMC Evolutionary Biology.

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Original filename: CMN12068-femur-lateral.tif

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Taxonomic name
† Ornithomimidae

† Ornithomimidae (CMN:12068)

Specimen notes
Semi-articulated skeleton. Horseshoe Canyon Formation, AB, Canada.

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Thomas Cullen

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Image from lateral side of femoral thin section from CMN 12068 used for comparative osteocyte lacunar density calculations.

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June 24 2014 at 2:43:40

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