Project 1245: S. Werning, S. J. Nesbitt. 2015. Bone histology and growth in Stenaulorhynchus stockleyi (Archosauromorpha: Rhynchosauria) from the Middle Triassic of the Ruhuhu Basin of Tanzania. Comptes Rendus Palevol.

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Original filename: Stenaulorhynchus NHMUK PVR 36618 T2 5x RTL w scale LAGs directions MAma MB.jpg

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Taxonomic name
Stenaulorhynchus stockleyi Haughton, 1932

Stenaulorhynchus stockleyi Haughton, 1932 (NHMUK/PV:R36618)

Specimen notes
Partial skeleton including rostrum (mostly R maxilla and R dentary, but also including mandibular symphysis and anteriormost portion of L dentary), 14 vertebrae, rib, partial left and right humeri, left femur, right and left tibiae, right and left calcanea.

tibia - mid-diaphyseal cross section

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Sarah Werning

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The Natural History Museum, London (Image taken and edited by Sarah Werning)

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Media notes
Tibia, mid-diaphysis, transmitted light with a single plane polarizer. Colored lines correspond to growth marks; these follow the same color pattern as in the femur. Solid white lines spanning the diameter represent major and minor axes for the cross section. The white line spanning only the radius in the element (posterolateral quadrant) is the transect along which the outermost zones were measured. Scale = 5mm. Abbreviations: A, anterior; L, lateral. Section T2. Vertical "striping" results from image overlap during the photomontaging process.

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