Project 2517: D. A. Woller, H. Song. 2017. Investigating the Functional Morphology of Genitalia During Copulation in the Grasshopper Melanoplus rotundipennis (Scudder, 1878) via Correlative Microscopy. Journal of Morphology. 278 (3):334-359.

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Melanoplus rotundipennis

Melanoplus rotundipennis (unvouchered)


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Fig. 12: DSLR and SEM images of female external and internal genitalia, and greater reproductive system components of Melanoplus rotundipennis (posterior to right unless otherwise noted): A. DSLR, ventral view; B. DSLR, ventral view, posterior downwards; C. DSLR, bursa complex, dorsal view; D. DSLR, bursa complex, ventral view; E. DSLR, close-up of vulval sclerite, posterior view, dorsal upwards; F. DSLR, partially separated bursa complex, quasi-dorsal view; G. SEM, bursa complex, ventral view; H. SEM, close-up of posterior region of bursa complex, ventral view.

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