Project 3127: C. T. Griffin, L. S. Bano, A. H. Turner, N. D. Smith, R. B. Irmis, S. J. Nesbitt. 2019. Integrating gross morphology and bone histology to assess skeletal maturity in early dinosauromorphs: new insights from Dromomeron (Archosauria: Dinosauromorpha). PeerJ. 7:e6331.

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Original filename: Dromomeron romeri GR 1036 femur 5x RTL_s.tif

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Dromomeron romeri

Dromomeron romeri (GR/238)


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Histological section of Dromomeron romeri femur (GR 1036) under plane polarized light

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March 6 2018 at 11:07:25

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