Project 3767: J. M. Almeida, F. O. Nunes, L. F. Ceole, T. D’M. F. Klimeck, L. A. Cruz, D. Tófoli, B. S. Borges, W. S. Garcez, I. A. Tozetti, L. C. S. Medeiros, F. R. Garcez, A. M. T. Ferreira. 2021. Synergistic effect and ultrastructural changes in Trypanosoma cruzi caused by isoobtusilactone A in short exposure of time. PLOS ONE. (In Press)

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Original filename: LACTONA B2 TRIPO_004.tif

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Trypanosoma cruzi

Trypanosoma cruzi (unvouchered)

Transmission Electron Microscopy

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Alda Maria Teixeira Ferreira

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Trypomastigote treatment MET

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July 5 2020 at 5:54:23

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