Project 4019: Z. Macungo, J. Benoit, V. Fernandez, R. M. Araújo. 2022. X-ray microcomputed and synchrotron tomographic analysis of the basicranial axis of emydopoid dicynodonts: implications for fossoriality and phylogeny. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. epub ahead of print:none yet.

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Original filename: Malawian cistecephalid PK-16-1

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Taxonomic name
Mbewayakalekale yajuwayeyi

Mbewayakalekale yajuwayeyi (PK/16:1)


Side represented
right side

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Zanildo Macungo

Bibliographic Reference
Araújo, R., Macungo, Z., Fernandez, V., Chindebvu, E.G. and Jacobs, L.L. 2021. A New Cistecephalid (dicynodontia: Emydopoidea) from the Upper Permian of Malawi. PaleorXiv (preprint).

Media notes
This specimen is a new Malawian cistecephalid that is described in greater details in Araújo et al. 2021

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May 30 2021 at 8:43:08

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