Project 1062: Y. C. Ang, L. J. Wong, R. Meier. 2013. Using seemingly unnecessary illustrations to improve the diagnostic usefulness of descriptions in taxonomy–a case study on Perochaeta orientalis (Diptera, Sepsidae). Zookeys. 355:9-27.

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Perochaeta orientalis de Meijere, 1913

Perochaeta orientalis de Meijere, 1913 (unvouchered)

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Figure 3: Additional views for Perochaeta orientalis, Male (MA-MF) and Female (FA-FE). M and F prefixes refer to male and female specimen respectively. A– Habitus, dorsal view (sans wings), B – head and thorax, ventral view, C – Head capsule, anterior view, D – Head capsule, posterior view, E – Thorax, posterior view, F (male only) – Rear tibia, dorsal view showing osmeterium. Scale bars = 0.5mm unless otherwise stated.

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Sepsidnet entry for Perochaeta orientalis

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