Project 2285: B. Bai, Y. Wang, F. Mao, J. Meng. 2017. New Material of Eocene Helaletidae (Perissodactyla, Tapiroidea) from the Irdin Manha Formation of the Erlian Basin, Inner Mongolia, China and Comments on Related Localities of the Huheboerhe Area. American Museum Novitates. 3878 (3878):1-44.
This project has 26 taxa.
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* indicates that a taxon has NOT matched to the NCBI hierarchy.
# indicates that a taxon has been matched to a PBDB entry.

Colodon? cingulatus (primative) *
Colodon? cingulatus *
Colodon kayi *
Colodon occidentalis *
Colodon orientalis *
Colodon stovalli *
Colodon woodi *
Desmatotherium fissum *
Desmatotherium intermedius *
Desmatotherium mongoliensis *
Dilophodon *
Dilophodon minusculus *
Helaletes nanus *
Heptodon calciculus *
Hesperaletes *
Heteraletes *
Heteraletes leotanus *
Homogalax protapirinus *
Paracolodon fissus *
Paracolodon? kayi *
Paracolodon? woodi *
Paracolodon fissus *
Paracolodon inceptus *
Plesiocolopirus hancocki *
Protapirus *
Thuliadanta mayri *