Project 3335: J. N. Gelfo, D. A. García-López, L. P. Bergqvist. 2020. Phylogenetic relationships and palaeobiology of a new xenungulate (Mammalia: Eutheria) from the Palaeogene of Argentina. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology. 18 (12):993-1007.
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* indicates that a taxon has NOT matched to the NCBI hierarchy.
# indicates that a taxon has been matched to a PBDB entry.

Alcidedorbignya inopinata *
Asmithwoodwardia scotti *
Cardonia cf feruglioi *
Carodnia feruglioi *
Carodnia inexpectans *
Carodnia vieirai *
Didolodus multicuspis *
Etayoa bacatensis 
Notoetayoa gargantuai *
Rodcania kakan *
Tetragonostylops apthomasi *
Tiuclaenus minutus *
Trigonostylops wortmani *