Project 648: L. Prendini, P. Weygoldt, W. C. Wheeler. 2005. Systematics of the Damon variegatus group of African whip spiders (Chelicerata: Amblypygi): Evidence from behaviour, morphology and DNA. Organisms Diversity & Evolution. 5 (3):203-236.
This project has 22 taxa.
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Damon annulatipes 3 
Damon annulatipes 2 
Damon annulatipes 1 
Damon diadema 2 
Damon diadema 1 
Damon gracilis 1 
Damon gracilis 2 
Damon medius 
Damon sylviae 1 
Damon sylviae 2 
Damon variegatus 1 
Damon variegatus 2 
Damon variegatus 4 
Damon variegatus 5 
Damon variegatus 
Damon variegatus 3 
Damon variegatus 6 
Euphrynichus bacillifer 
Musicodamon atlanteus 
Phrynichodamon scullyi 
Phrynichus scaber 
Xerophynus machadoi