Project 3896: F. J. Degrange, C. P. Tambussi, M. L. Taglioretti, F. A. Scaglia, P. Mannion. 2021. Phylogenetic affinities and morphology of the Pliocene cathartiform Dryornis pampeanus Moreno & Mercerat. Papers in Palaeontology. Early View:none yet.
This project has 72 taxa.
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Showing 10 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'C'.

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Caracara cherwayi 
Cathartes aura 
Cathartes burrovianus 
Cathartes melambrotus 
Ciconia ciconia 
Ciconia maguari 
Circus cyaneus 
Cochlearius cochlearius 
Coragyps atratus