Project 2384: J. C. Lamsdell, P. A. Selden. 2017. From success to persistence: identifying an evolutionary regime shift in the diverse Paleozoic aquatic arthropod group Eurypterida, driven by the Devonian biotic crisis. Evolution. 71:95–110.
This project has 150 taxa.
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Showing 12 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'H'.

* indicates that a taxon has NOT matched to the NCBI hierarchy.
# indicates that a taxon has been matched to a PBDB entry.

Hallipterus excelsior *
Hardieopterus lanarkensis *
Hardieopterus macrophthalmus *
Hardieopterus megalops *
Hardieopterus myops *
Hastimima whitei *
Herefordopterus banksii *
Hibbertopterus scouleri *
Holmipterus suecicus *
Hughmilleria shawangunk *
Hughmilleria socialis *
Hughmilleria wangi *