Project 657: M. Weksler. 2006. Phylogenetic relationships of oryzomine rodents (Muroidea, Sigmodontinae) : separate and combined analyses of morphological and molecular data. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History. 296:1-149.
This project has 112 taxa.
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Showing 15 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'N'.

* indicates that a taxon has NOT matched to the NCBI hierarchy.
# indicates that a taxon has been matched to a PBDB entry.

Neacomys minutus 
Neacomys musseri 
Neacomys spinosus 
Nectomys apicalis 
Nectomys squamipes 
Nephelomys albigularis 
Nephelomys levipes 
Nesoryzomys narboroughi 
Nesoryzomys swarthi 
Nyctomys sumichrasti