Project 701: D. B. Provete, L. Franco-Belussi, L. R. S. Santos, R. Zieri, R. M. Moresco, I. A. Martins, S. C. Almeida, C. Oliveira. 2012. Phylogenetic signal and variation of visceral pigmentation in eight anuran families. Zoologica Scripta. 41.
This project has 51 taxa.
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Physalaemus centralis Bokermann, 1962 
Physalaemus cuvieri Fitzinger, 1826 
Physalaemus olfersii (Lichtenstein and Martens, 1856) 
Physalemus marmoratus 
Proceratophrys boiei 
Proceratophrys melanopogon (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926) 
Pseudopaludicola cf falcipes 
Pseudopaludicola saltica (Cope, 1887)