Project 3627: J. Liu, S. Hu, O. Rieppel, D. Jiang, M. J. Benton, N. P. Kelley, J. C. Aitchison, C. Zhou, W. Wen, J. Huang, T. Xie, T. Lv. 2015. A gigantic nothosaur (Reptilia: Sauropterygia) from the Middle Triassic of SW China and its implication for the Triassic biotic recovery. Scientific Reports. 4 (1):null.
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Morphological matrix from Liu et al. 2014 (prepared by MorphoBank curators from original submission)
1163 scorings; 22 taxa; 74 characters; 0 cell images; 0 labels attached to cell images; 0 character images;

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Matrix DOI: 10.7934/X26432,
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