Project 530: R. W. Boessenecker, M. Churchill. 2013. A Reevaluation of the Morphology, Paleoecology, and Phylogenetic Relationships of the Enigmatic Walrus Pelagiarctos. PLOS ONE. 8 (1):e54311.

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Taxonomic name
Proneotherium repenningi Kohno et al., 1995

Proneotherium repenningi Kohno et al., 1995 (USNM 314628)

Specimen notes
Not published or described by Demere and Berta (2001). This dentary is referred to Proneotherium due to its odobenid characters (i.e. more robust than contemporary enaliarctines) and its occurrence in the Astoria Fm., the only known odobenid from this unit being Proneotherium.

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