Project 146: C. A. Tauber, M. J. Tauber, G. S. Albuquerque. 2008. A new genus and species of green lacewings from Brazil (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae: Leucochrysini). Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 101 (2):314-326.
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Abdomen, dorsal
Abdomen, lateral
Abdominal segments 6, 7, lateral
Colleterial gland
Female, subgenitale, lateral
Female, terminalia, lateral
Female, transverse sclerification
Forewing, hindwing
Gonarcus, dorsal
Gonarcus, frontal
Gonarcus, lateral
Gonarcus, ventral
Head, dorsal
Head, frontal x30
Head, frontal x40
Head, frontal x50
Head, lateral
Head, prothorax, dorsal
Head, scapes, dorsal
Head, thorax, dorsal
Head, thorax, dorsolateral
Hypandrium internum
L1, Head, dorsal
L3, Head, dorsal
L3, Head, thorax
L3, Head,lateral
Male abdomen, dorsal
Male abdomen, lateral
Male terminalia, lateral
Meso- & metathoraces
Terminalia, lateral
Terminalia, lateral, gonarcus uneverted
Thorax, abdomen, lateral
Thorax, lateral
Thorax, lateral x15