Project 2750: C. T. Heck, A. Fiorillo, D. J. Varricchio, T. J. Gaudin, H. N. Woodward, J. R. Horner. 2019. Ontogenetic changes in the long bone microstructure in the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus). PLOS ONE. 14 (4):e0215655.
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Anterior Femur
Anterior TIbia
Anterolateral Femur
Anterolateral Tibia
Anteromedial Femur
Anteromedial Tibia
Full Femur Circular Light
Full Femur Full Lambda Waveplate
Full Femur Linear Light
Full Tibia Circular Light
Full Tibia Full Lambda Waveplate
Full Tibia Linear Light
Lateral Femur
Lateral Tibia
Medial Femur
Medial Tibia
Posterior Femur
Posterior Tibia
Posterolateral Femur
Posterolateral Tibia
Posteromedial Femur
Posteromedial Tibia