Project 761: M. R. Nogueira, I. P. Lima, A. L. Peracchi, N. B. Simmons. 2012. New Genus and Species of Nectar-Feeding Bat from the Atlantic Forest of Southeastern Brazil (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae: Glossophaginae). American Museum Novitates. 3747:1-30.
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Chin vibrissae
Dorsal fur
Genal vibrissa
Holotype (left) and paratype
Interramal vibrissae
Left hind foot
Left lower molars
Left lower premolars
Left upper canine and incisors
Left upper molars
Left upper premolars
Lower premolars (occlusal view)
Orbital region
Padlike papilla behind noseleaf
Palatal region
Postorbital process
Premaxillae (occlusal view)
Right lower molars
Right lower premolars
Right upper (A) and lower (B) molars
Right upper canine and incisors
Right upper molars
Right upper premolars
Ventral foramina
Vibrissae on lateral snout