Project 950: M. A. O’Leary, K. Alphonse, A. H. Mariangeles, D. Cavaliere, A. Cirranello, T. G. Dietterich, M. Julius, S. Kaufman, E. Law, M. Passarotti, A. Reft, J. Robalino, N. B. Simmons, S. Y. Smith, D. W. Stevenson, E. Theriot, P. M. Velazco, R. L. Walls, M. Yu, M. Daly. 2018. Crowds Replicate Performance of Scientific Experts Scoring Phylogenetic Matrices of Phenotypes. Systematic Biology. 67 (1):49-60.
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base of basal tubule, apex of capsule
beginning of basal tubule
beginning of distal tubule
beginning to middle of basal tubule
distal tubule
end of basal tubule
middle of basal tubule
middle to end of basal tubule
overview of capsule and tubule
overview of tubule
transition from basal to distal tubule