Project 2423: T. A. Dickinson, B. X. Yan, S. Han, M. Zarrei. 2021. Niche Shifts, Hybridization, Polyploidy and Geographic Parthenogenesis in Western North American Hawthorns (Crataegus subg. Sanguineae, Rosaceae). Agronomy. 11 (11):2133.
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4 Documents

Analysis of Leaf Characteristics in Crataegus of Western North America
Describes statistical analyses of the data in MorphoBank Project 2423, as carried out by J. Hwang.
Leaf close-ups—measurements and image comparison table (Downloaded 1 time )
Leaf venation in Rocky Mountain hawthorn - methods (Downloaded 1 time )
Describes the methods used in MorphoBank Projects P2423 and P2523. Project P2423 deals exclusively with taxa in Crataegus sect. Coccineae and C. sect. Salignae.