Project 2442: J. H. Geisler, R. W. Boessenecker, M. Brown, B. L. Beatty. 2017. The Origin of Filter Feeding in Whales. Current Biology. 27 (13):2036-2042.e2.
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4 Documents

Matrix for Likelihood Optimization of Diastema size (Downloaded 2 times )
File in nexus format used to optimize diastema size as a discrete character using likelihood in Mesquite. Includes tree file that is limited to taxa that can be coded for this character.
Matrix for Parsimony Optimization of Diastema size (Downloaded 1 time )
Is in tnt format and has diastema size as a continuous, ordered character. Includes tree derived from supermatrix with k=3.
Supermatrix of Morphological and Molecular data (Downloaded 1 time )
Super matrix of all data in tnt format
Trees from Analyses (Downloaded 2 times )
Includes all trees in nexus format found in analyses of the supermatrix with implied weighting (k=2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), without implied weighting, or of the morphological partition with k =3.