Project 2628: E. Díaz-Berenguer, A. Badiola, M. Moreno-Azanza, J. I. Canudo. 2018. First adequately-known quadrupedal sirenian from Eurasia (Eocene, Bay of Biscay, Huesca, northeastern Spain). Scientific Reports. 8 (1):5127.
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3 Documents

Characters and states (Downloaded 2 times )
From Springer et al.
Data matrix (Downloaded 3 times )
Data matrix for TNT v1.5, including character scores for all 50 taxa, ordered characters and sank off characters.
Dataset with dummy characters (Downloaded 3 times )
'Data from Diaz-Berenguer et al. 2018. Based on an updated version of Springer et al. 2015. Additional dummy characters added as non-parsimony informative characters (scored as A)to adapt character numbers to Domning 1994'