Project 2816: A. C. Pritchard, J. A. Gauthier, M. Hanson, G. S. Bever, B. S. Bhullar. 2018. A tiny Triassic saurian from Connecticut and the early evolution of the diapsid feeding apparatus. Nature Communications. 9:1213.
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3 Documents

Full Output of MrBayes analysis (Downloaded 4 times )
Full output of the MrBayes analysis presented in text. The following files are included: - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.ckp - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.ckp~ - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.con.tre - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.mcmc - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.mcmc~ - - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.run1.p - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.run1.p~ - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.run1.t - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.run1.t~ - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.run2.p - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.run2.p~ - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.run2.t - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.run2.t~ - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.trprobs - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.tstat - PritchardetalMrBayes.nex.vstat
Nexus file for MrBayes Input (Downloaded 3 times )
Nexus file for MrBayes input for 20,000,000 generations.
R Directory, including input spreadsheets and linear regression model data (Downloaded 4 times )
Includes the R-Studio project file and two spreadsheets with input data.