Project 3328: O'Leary, M. A. 2021. Dental evolution in the early Eocene Notharctinae (Primates, Adapiformes) from the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: documentation of gradual evolution in the oldest true primates. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 2021 (174):728-743.
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Appendix 1
Excel sheet with calculations of averages and standard deviations for tooth area and dentary depth by meter level. This table is derived from Table S1. The white rows in this table indicate calculated averages and standard deviations.
Supplemental Figure S1. Sample outlines for tooth area measurements
Tooth area digitization began at a different point on each tooth. Examples are right teeth. A = p3; B = p4; C = m1; D = m2; E = m3; F = M1 and G = M2.
Supplemental Table S1
Excel sheet with stratigraphy, specimen numbers, and area measurements for teeth. Note that V-73... series of localities are referred to in Bown et al. 1994 and elsewhere as W or UW localities.