Project 3369: B. M. Gee, J. J. Bevitt, R. R. Reisz, M. Ruta. 2020. Computed tomographic analysis of the cranium of the early Permian recumbirostran ‘microsaur’ Euryodus dalyae reveals new details of the braincase and mandible. Papers in Palaeontology:null.
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4 Documents

Modified character matrix of Pardo et al. (2017, Nature) (Downloaded 7 times )
Includes updated codings for Llistrofus pricei (from Gee et al., 2019), Batropetes fritschi, Diabloroter bolti, and Infernovenator steenae (Mann & Maddin, 2019; Mann et al., 2019), specimen-level codings for OMNH 53519 and FM UR 2296 (holotype of Euryodus dalyae), a species-level coding for Euryodus dalyae, and codings for Cardiocephalus sternbergi, Euryodus primus, Pariotichus brachyops, and Proxilodon bonneri (from various literature sources).
README (pdf) for FMNH UR 2296 scan (Downloaded 1 time )
PDF containing relevant scan parameters and information for FMNH UR 2296.
README (text file) for OMNH 53519 (Downloaded 1 time )
Text file with relevant scan parameters and information for OMNH 53519.
Supplemental figures (Downloaded 6 times )
All supplemental figures with associated captions.