Project 3466: A. Pérez-García, E. Vlachos, X. Murelaga. 2019. A large testudinid tortoise with African affinities in the post-Messinian (early Pliocene) record of southeastern Spain. Palaeontology. 5:1-19.
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8 most parsimonious trees of the analysis of the total evidence matrix in ctf format
The matrix was analysed in TNT (Goloboff et al., 2008) using the Implicit Enumeration option. The Implicit Enumeration analysis performed here resulted in 8 most parsimonious trees of 5401 steps.
List of synapomorphies of the morphological characters
Total Evidence matrix in tnt format
The final matrix contains 20 taxa and two blocks of characters, 170 morphological characters for all taxa, and 20,000 molecular ones from the matrix of Guillon et al. (2012) for the extant taxa only.