Project 3822: M. C. Lamanna, G. A. Casal, R. D. Martínez, L. M. Ibiricu. 2020. Megaraptorid (Theropoda: Tetanurae) Partial Skeletons from the Upper Cretaceous Bajo Barreal Formation of Central Patagonia, Argentina: Implications for the Evolution of Large Body Size in Gondwanan MegaraptoranS. Annals of Carnegie Museum. 86 (3):null.
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3 Documents

Supplementary Appendix A (Downloaded 9 times )
List of characters used in phylogenetic analysis, sourced from Aranciaga Rolando et al. (2019) and references therein.
Supplementary Appendix B (Downloaded 8 times )
Phylogenetic data matrix, modified from Aranciaga Rolando et al. (2019).
Supplementary Appendix C (Downloaded 10 times )
List of definitive and probable megaraptorid specimens, with stratigraphic and geographic provenance and body size information. See notes embedded in cells for additional comments.