Project 898: Z. J. Tseng, X. Wang, G. J. Slater, G. T. Takeuchi, Q. Li, J. Liu, G. P. Xie. 2013. Himalayan Fossils of Oldest Known Pantherine Establish Ancient Origin of Big Cats. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 281:20132686.
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Bayesian analysis command files for partitions (Downloaded 12 times )
Mesquite NEXUS files of data partitions (Downloaded 5 times )
MrBayes command files for node dating analyses (Downloaded 8 times )
MrBayes command files for total evidence dating analyses (Downloaded 6 times )
Supermatrix NEXUS file (Downloaded 10 times )
TNT scripts for running Bootstrap and Jackknife resampling on different data partitions (Downloaded 9 times )