Project 933: R. Racicot, T. Deméré, B. Beatty, R. Boessenecker. 2014. Unique Feeding Morphology in a New Prognathous Extinct Porpoise from the Pliocene of California. Current Biology. 24 (7):774-779.
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3 Documents

Character list (Downloaded 5 times )
Character list modified from Murakami et al. 2012 as noted in matrix file.
DICOM data for medical CT scan of jaws (Downloaded 1 time )
Medical CT scan of holotype jaws.
Murakami Matrix with Semirostrum ceruttii (Downloaded 5 times )
Matrix modified to exclude soft tissue characters, include codings for Semirostrum pacifica, and including new character state (2) for character 29 "elongate prognathous symphysis making up 40% or longer of mandibular length". Character codings are corrected according to Murakami et al. 2013. This file saved in NEXUS format.