Project 1176: D. B. Provete, C. S. Guimarães, L. S. O. Melo, R. A. Brandão, D. C. Rossa-Feres. 2015. Tadpoles of Proceratophrys mantiqueira and P. goyana (Anura: Odontophrynidae), with descriptions of their internal oral features. Journal of Herpetology. 105 (1):46-52.
Specimen: Proceratophrys mantiqueira Mângia et al., 2013 (UFV/MZUFV :256-7)


Here, we describe the external morphology and internal oral features of tadpoles of Proceratophrys mantiqueira and P. goyana. We also provide novel natural history information for adults of the newly described P. mantiqueira from southeastern Brazil, previously confused with P. melanopogon. Our results add important new data about the systematics and morphology of these species and may further help resolve intrageneric relationships and in the study of larval character evolution

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