Project 2667: J. Bardin, I. Rougeta, F. Cecca. 2017. The phylogeny of Hildoceratidae (Cephalopoda, Ammonitida) resolved by an integrated coding scheme of the conch. Cladistics. 33:21-40.
Specimen: † Harpoceras subplanatum (unvouchered)
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Ammonite phylogeny has mainly been established based on a stratigraphic approach, with cladistics underconsidered. The main arguments against the use of cladistics are the supposed large amount of homoplasy and the small number of characters. Resolving the phylogeny of the Hildoceratidae (Early Jurassic) is especially challenging because of its large diversity and disparity. Many forms that have not been determined as closely related in previous studies exhibit very similar shapes. Moreover, some groups are morphologically very different, adding difficulties to building a unique coding scheme at a low taxonomic resolution
(i.e. species). Here we propose an integrated coding scheme of the peristome shape and the ornamentation, allowing an increased level of comparison. The shape of the peristome is used as a new reference to locate ornamental features and propose new homology hypotheses. In total, 105 taxa have been analysed for 47 characters. We code continuous characters by their means and ranges +/- one standard deviation. We test two weighting schemes: equal weights standardized by unit range and implied weighting with several concavity constants. This work has led to redefinition of the phylogenetic inclusivenesses of all the hildoceratid subfamilies. The new coding scheme based on peristome shapes provides the fewest homoplastic characters. The schemes appear promising to improve phylogenetic analyses in ammonoids as well as molluscs as a whole by creating a general coding framework.

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Article DOI: DOI: 10.1111/cla.12151

Project DOI: 10.7934/P2667,
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