Project 3245: T. A. Gates, K. Tsogtbaatar, L. E. Zanno, T. Chinzorig, M. Watabe. 2018. A new iguanodontian (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) from the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia. PeerJ. 6:e5300.
Specimen: † Choyrodon barsboldi (MPC-D:100/801)
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We describe a new iguanodontian ornithopod, Choyrodon barsboldi gen. et sp. nov. from the Albian-aged Khuren Dukh Formation of Mongolia based on several partial skeletons interpreted to represent a subadult growth stage based on osteohistological features. This new taxon is diagnosed by many autapomorphies of the maxilla, nasal, lacrimal, opisthotic, predentary, and surangular. Choyrodon displays an unusual combination of traits, possessing an open antorbital fenestra (a primitive ornithopod trait) together with derived features such as a downturned dentary and enlarged narial fenestra. Histological imaging suggests that the type specimen of Choyrodon would have been a subadult at the time of death. Phylogenetic analysis of two different character matrices do not posit Choyrodon to be the sister taxon or to be more primitive than the iguanodontian Altirhinus kurzanovi, which is found in the same formation. The only resolved relationship of this new taxon is that it was hypothesized to be a sister-taxon with the North American species Eolambia caroljonesa. Though discovered in the same formation and Choyrodon being smaller-bodied than Altirhinus, it does not appear that the former species is an ontogimorph of the latter. Differences in morphology and results of the phylogenetic analyses support their distinction although more specimens of both species will allow better refinement of their uniqueness.

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Article DOI: 10.7717/peerj.5300

Project DOI: 10.7934/P3245,
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