Project 3256: N. P. Toscano, N. H. Alecrim-de-Freitas, M. R. C. de Rezende, D. B. Provete, M. Lyra, C. F. B. Haddad, D. C. Rossa-Feres, F. R. da Silva. 2019. The external morphology and internal oral features of the tadpole of Crossodactylus caramaschii (Anura: Hylodidae). Journal of Herpetology. (In Press)
Specimen: Crossodactylus crossodactylus caramaschii (UNESP/DZSJRP:104)
View: Internal oral features


We describe the larval external morphology and internal oral features of Crossodactylus caramaschii sampled in three protected areas of the Atlantic RainForest in southeastern Brazil. The tadpoles of C. caramaschii (Stage 38) have an ovoid body in dorsal and lateral views, dorsal eyes, a ventral oral disc bordered by a single row of marginal papillae, with a wide gap on the anterior labium and a few and scattered submarginal papillae. The labial tooth row formula is 2(2)/3(1), with A-1 shorter than A-2, and P-3 shorter than P-1 and P-2. This is the first description on larval morphology of this species and may help future studies on the intrageneric relationships of Crossodactylus.

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Article DOI: 10.1670/18-155

Project DOI: 10.7934/P3256,
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