Project 3271: M. Ebert. 2016. The Pycnodontidae (Actinopterygii) in the late Jurassic: 2) Turboscinetes gen. nov. in the Solnhofen Archipelago (Germany) and Cerin (France). Archeopteryx. 33:12-53.
Specimen: † Turbomesodon relegans (JME:ETT119)
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The Plattenkalk deposits of the Solnhofen Archipelago (Germany) and Cerin (France) provide an important window into marine live during the late Jurassic. Among them are the oldest members of the fish family Pycnodontidae, which became extinct in the Eocene. e new genus Turboscinetes is here erected to contain "Proscinetes" egertoni, found initially only in the Kimmeridgian Plattenkalk of Cerin and since 2012 at the excavation site of the Jura-Museum Eichstaett in Ettling (Germany). New observations of the respective material in the collection of the Musee des Confluences, Lyon, France, as well as the new specimens from Ettling, convinced the author that the species formerly known as Proscinetes egertoni (Thiolliere, 1852) from Cerin belongs to a new genus. is new genus is a small Pycnodontidae of up to 12 cm standard length (SL) with two autapomorphic characters: Three branchio-stegal rays and three incisiform teeth in the premaxilla, and the following unique combination of primitive and derived characters: Body shape discoid, with a maximum body depth of 70-83% of standard length; three incisiform teeth in the dentary; absence of dermocra- nial fenestra; 29-30 neural spines (excluding those supporting the caudal fin rays); 39-42 dorsal pterygiophores; 30-32 anal pterygiophores; dorsal and anal fins high in front and rapidly tapering posteriorly; caudal fin with long median rays; angle of the leading edges of the caudal fin approximately 65

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Project DOI: 10.7934/P3271,
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