Project 3631: Tomáš Mazuch, Giuseppe Orlando, Ahmed Ibrahim Awale, Hassan Sh Abdirahman Elmi, Vitězslav Vlk. 2020. A new species of Euphorbia subgen. Euphorbia sect. Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae) from the Horn of Africa, with a list of Succulent spiny Euphorbia from Somaliland. Euphorbia World. 16 (3):56-67.
Specimen: Euphorbia margaretae Carter, 1992 (unvouchered)
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The new species Euphorbia buqensis (Euphorbiaceae) belongs to subg. Euphorbia sect. Euphorbia and is described from Buq village within western parts of Cal Madow Mountains in Somaliland. It belongs to species group with single spines terminating in forked tips and it appears to be most closely related to E. margaretae. One additional species, E. polyacantha, which was discovered very close to Somaliland borders, most probably occurs in Somaliland too. A list of all Somaliland members of Euphorbia subgen. Euphorbia sect. Euphorbia is provided.

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