Project 703: G. C. Ribeiro. 2009. The Neotropical genus Stibadocerina Alexander and its phylogenetic relationship to other Stibadocerinae genera: further evidence of an ancestral trans-Pacific biota (Diptera: Cylindrotomidae). Systematic Entomology. 34 (2):324–333.
Specimen: Stibadocerina chilensis (unvouchered)


Stibadocerina Alexander, a monotypic genus, includes the only known Neotropical species of the family Cylindrotomidae, S. chilensis Alexander, 1929, from South Central Chile (ca. 36°50′S–42°17′S). In this paper, Stibadocerina chilensis is redescribed and illustrated in detail. A study of wing-vein homology in the subfamily Stibadocerinae is provided, to identify the components of the reduced radial sector in Stibadocerina and related taxa. The proposed hypotheses of wing-vein homology are tested, and the systematic position of Stibadocerina is assessed through a cladistic analysis of 13 characters of the male imago, scored for exemplar species of the four genera included in the Stibadocerinae. A single most parsimonious tree supports the monophyly of the Stibadocerinae and the following relationships among its included genera: Stibadocerodes [Stibadocera (Stibadocerella +Stibadocerina)]. The subfamily includes one example of a vicariant distribution with a sister-group relationship between South Central Chilean and East Asian taxa, and supports a biogeographical interpretation of an ancestral trans-Pacific biota.

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