Project 957: R. Borovec, F. Medardo, M. Meregalli. 2013. A new genus of Entiminae from North Africa, supported by a phylogenetic analysis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 167 (2):243-258.
Specimen: Holchophloeus cruciatus (unvouchered)


The genus Holcophloeus gen. nov. is here proposed to include Trachyphloeus cruciatus Seidlitz, 1868, and two new species native to North Africa, based on a phylogenetic analysis and an evaluation of the diagnostic characters. The taxonomic position of Holcophloeus in relation to the tribes Trachyphloeini Lacordaire, 1863, and Holcorhinini Desbrochers, 1898, is discussed, and the new genus is attributed to the Holcorhinini. Holcophloeus laurae sp. nov. from south-eastern Morocco and Holcophloeus weilli sp. nov. from northern Libya are described and illustrated and a key to the species of the new genus is given. The lectotype of Trachyphloeus cruciatus Seidlitz, 1868, is designated. The genus Massimiellus Borovec, 2009, is transferred from Trachyphloeini to Holcorhinini.

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