Project 974: C. A. Hipsley, J. Müller. 2014. Relict endemism of extant Rhineuridae (Amphisbaenia): testing for phylogenetic niche conservatism in the fossil record. The Anatomical Record. 297 (3):473-481.
Specimen: Rhineura floridana (unvouchered)
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We compiled a data matrix of 162 morphological characters based on Kearney (2003) plus 2842 base pairs (bp) of RAG1 and 374 bp of CMOS from Müller et al. (2011). Lacertid lizards (scored as a single taxon) were used as an outgroup and we added the recently described stem-amphisbaenian Cryptolacerta hassiaca from the Eocene of Germany (Müller et al., 2011). Since gene sequences were not available for many individual amphisbaenian species, we merged all amphisbaenids, blanids, bipedids, and trogonophids into single taxa, using the morphological data of Amphisbaena alba, Blanus cinereus, Bipes biporus, and Trogonophis wiegmanni as representatives of their respective clades. Gene sequences of Eremias arguta were used for Lacertidae.

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Project DOI: 10.7934/P974,
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