Project 2044: Fordyce, R.E., Marx, F.G. 2018. Gigantism precedes filter feeding in baleen whale evolution. Current Biology. 28:1670-1676.e2.

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† Balaena montalionis

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Bisconti, M. 2000. New description, character analysis and preliminary phyletic assessment of two Balaenidae skulls from the Italian Pliocene. Palaeontographia Italica. Vol. 87, pp. 37-66.

Capellini, G. 1904. Balane fossili toscane, 2. Balaena montalionis. Memorie della Reale Accademia della Scienze dell'Instituto di Bologna. Vol. 1, 6th Ser., pp. 45-55.

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Felix Marx

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May 29 2012 at 1:25:13

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