Project 1144: B. D. Rankin, P. A. Holroyd. 2014. Aceroryctes dulcis, a new palaeoryctid (Mammalia, Eutheria) from the early Eocene of the Wasatch Formation of southwestern Wyoming, USA. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. 51 (10):919-926.
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Aaptoryctes ivyi *
Aceroryctes dulcis Rankin and Holroyd, 2014 *
Asioryctes nemegetensis *
Eoryctes melanus *
Lainoryctes youzwyshyni *
Ottoryctes winkleri *
Palaeoryctes cruoris *
Palaeoryctes jepseni *
Palaeoryctes puercensis *
Palaeoryctes punctatus *