Project 1151: K. Suraprasit, Y. Chaimanee, H. Bocherens, O. Chavasseau, J. Jaeger. 2014. Systematics and Phylogeny of Middle Miocene Cervidae (Mammalia) from Mae Moh Basin (Thailand) and a Paleoenvironmental Estimate Using Enamel Isotopy of Sympatric Herbivore Species. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 34 (1):179-194.
This project has 12 taxa.
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Euprox furcatus 
Euprox robustus 
Lagomeryx coberti 
Lagomeryx complicidens 
Lagomeryx manai 
Lagomeryx parvulus 
Lagomeryx ruetimeyeri 
Lagomeryx sp. 
Lagomeryx triacuminatus 
Lagomeryx tsaidamensis 
Ligeromeryx praestans 
Procervulus praelucidus