Project 1228: J. C. Lamsdell, S. C. McKenzie. 2015. Tachypleus syriacus (Woodward) - a sexually dimorphic Cretaceous crown limulid reveals underestimated horseshoe crab divergence times. Organisms Diversity & Evolution. 15:681–693.
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Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda 
Crenatolimulus paluxyensis 
Limulitella bronni 
Limulitella vicensis 
Limulus coffini 
Limulus decheni 
Limulus polyphemus 
Limulus sp. 
Mesolimulus crespelli 
Mesolimulus syriacus 
Mesolimulus walchi 
Paleolimulus signatus 
Tachypleus gadeai 
Tachypleus gigas 
Tachypleus tridentatus 
Tarracolimulus rieki 
Victalimulus mcqueeni 
Yunnanolimulus luopingensis