Project 2490: M. A. O'Leary, K. Alphonse, M. Arce Hernandez, D. Cavaliere, A. Cirranello, T. Dietterich, M. Julius, S. Kaufman, E. Law, M. Passarotti, A. Reft, J. Robalino, N. B. Simmons, S. Smith, D. Stevenson, E. Theriot, P. M. Velazco, R. Walls, M. Yu, M. Daly. 2018. Crowds replicate performance of scientific experts scoring phylogenetic matrices of phenotypes. Systematic Biology. 67 (1):49-60.
This project has 14 taxa.
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* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Cyclotella atomus atomus 
Cyclotella atomus marina 
Cyclotella cf. meneghiniana (l1263) 
Cyclotella choctawhatcheeana 
Cyclotella cryptica 
Cyclotella distinguenda 
Cyclotella gamma 
Cyclotella litoralis 
Cyclotella meneghiniana 
Cyclotella nana 
Cyclotella quillensis 
Cyclotella striata 
Cyclotella stylorum 
Cyclotella undescribed miocene ect 765