Project 3509: A. R. Scharfstein, R. A. Stockey, G. W. Rothwell. 2020. Evolution and Phylogeny of Altingiaceae: Anatomically Preserved Infructescences from Late Cretaceous Deposits of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. International Journal of Plant Sciences. 181 (4):452-463.
This project has 15 taxa.
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Altingia chinensis 
Altingia excelsa 
Altingia gracilipes 
Altingia poilanei 
Altingia siamensis 
Exbucklandia populnea 
Hamamelis virginiana 
Liquidambar acalycina 
Liquidambar changii 
Liquidambar formosana 
Liquidambar fujianensis 
Liquidambar orientalis 
Liquidambar styraciflua 
Microaltingia apocarpela *
Protoaltingia comoxense *