Project 647: E. S. Volschenk, L. Prendini. 2008. Aops oncodactylus, gen. et sp. nov., the first troglobitic urodacid (Urodacidae : Scorpiones), with a re-assessment of cavernicolous, troglobitic and troglomorphic scorpions. Invertebrate Systematics. 22 (2):235–257.
This project has 16 taxa.
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Aops oncodactylus 
Hemiscorpius lepturus 
Heteroscorpion opisthacanthoides 
Lisposoma josehermana 
Lisposoma josehermana 
Nebo hierichonticus 
Opisthacanthus validus 
Scorpio maurus mogadorensis 
Urodacus macrurus 
Urodacus manicatus 
Urodacus mckenziei 
Urodacus megamastigus 
Urodacus novaehollandiae 
Urodacus planimanus 
Urodacus varians 
Urodacus yaschenkoi