Project 2404: M. Clauss, I. Nurutdinova, C. Meloro, H. Gunga, D. Jiang, J. Koller, B. Herkner, P. M. Sander, O. Hellwich. 2017. Reconstruction of body cavity volume in terrestrial tetrapods. Journal of Anatomy. 230 (2):325-336.
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Gunga H-C, Suthau T, Bellmann A. 2007. Body mass estimations for Plateosaurus engelhardti using laser scanning and 3D reconstruction methods. Naturwissenschaften. Vol. 94, pp. 623-630.
Gunga H-C, Suthau T, Bellmann A. 2008. A new body mass estimation of Brachiosaurus brancai Janensch, 1914 mounted and exhibited at the Museum of Natural History (Berlin, Germany). Fossil Records. Vol. 11, pp. 28-33.