Project 2200: A. Berta, S. Kienle, G. Bianucci, S. Sorbi. 2015. A Reevaluation ofPliophoca Etrusca(Pinnipedia, Phocidae) from the Pliocene of Italy: Phylogenetic and Biogeographic Implications. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 35 (1):e889144.
This project has 16 taxa.
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# indicates that a taxon has been matched to a PBDB entry.

Acrophoca longirostris *
Cystophora cristata 
Erignathus barbathus 
Homiphoca capensis *
Hydrurga leptonyx 
Leptonychotes weddellii 
Leptophoca lenis *
Lobodon carcinophaga 
Mirounga angustirostris 
Mirounga leonina 
Monachus monachus 
Monachus schauinslandi 
Monachus tropicalis 
Ommatophoca rossi 
Piscophoca pacifica *
Pliophoca etrusca *